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New high specification shot blast unit drives up efficiencies and supports customers at Forged Solutions Groups River Don site

Forged Solutions Group has invested in a new state of the art shot blast unit at its River Don site in Sheffield. The machine removes imperfections from forged parts through a powerful blasting technique which fires blast media at the metal to clean and smooth its surface.

Forged Solutions Group’s new shot blast unit will deliver greater efficiencies and safer working practices by reducing the manual lifting and loading of heavy parts. Designed, manufactured, and installed by Straaltechniek UK Ltd, the new shot blast unit features an automated door closing system and an overhead rail system crane which will lift heavy metal parts to and from the table.

Like its predecessor, the new shot blast unit features two tables which gives the company a continuous production process so that when one table is being processed, the other can be unloaded and reloaded, ready to start again. Whilst this level of productivity isn’t unusual for Forged Solutions Group, it continues to give the company an edge over competitors.

In addition, the new machines bespoke design delivers a far greater level of programmability than the previous models and other standard versions used in the industry. Features include the ability to control the blasting speed and the force at which the shot is projected so that metal parts are protected from being over-blasted. The tables rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise and the angle of both the table and the blast media can be adjusted enabling the operator to remove defects from the most difficult to reach areas of a part.

Ashley Hughes, Project Manager for Forged Solutions Group, explains the significance of these features:

“The programmability and the number of features far outweigh those of our previous technology and gives us greatly improved control over how a part is shot blasted. From how much shot is fired and how hard it is projected, to the speed the tables turn and the angle of the shots, we can control this all to protect the integrity of the metal and improve the finished state of the part. We even have an enhanced shot recovery system which discards the dust that comes from worn down, degraded shots meaning that parts are only blasted with prime blast media.”

These innovative features combined with the user-led and productivity enhancing design mean that customers can expect an even greater standard of product from Forged Solutions Group. Ashley continues:

“We have new technology, a cleaner process and the ergonomic improvements have been made, bringing us up to new standard and capability. This is all round a vastly improved and exciting system.”

James Lees, UK Sales Manager at manufacturers of the shot blast unit, Straaltechniek UK Ltd, said:

“When Forged Solutions Group approached Straaltechniek UK Ltd to discuss a potential project to improve their shot blasting facilities at their River Don site in Sheffield we felt privileged and were more than happy to get involved. After visiting the River Don site accompanied by Sales Director, Jay Dorling, for a meeting with Forged Solutions Groups Project Manager Ashley Hughes to discuss various options it became clear that the prospect of offering a brand-new bespoke Twin Swing Table Shot Blast Machine was the preferred option. This preferred option would have the latest technology including our high-performance long-life blast wheels to improve productivity and quality of surface finish, and state of the art safety features. The turnkey package offered on this project was successful and we were delighted to have received an order from such a high-profile company such as Forged Solutions Group. The delivered equipment has also been installed by our very own Managing Director Andy Allen and Special Projects Lead Engineer Matt Stones who worked alongside our very skilled team of engineers and we are all very proud to have supplied such a fantastic shot blast machine in the UK, and only 3 miles away from our HQ in the Steel City of Sheffield.”