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Significant upgrade to 1,600 Ton Upsetter Press brings improved performance and reliability for Forged Solutions Group

Forged Solutions Group can now unveil the completion of a significant overhaul of their 1,600 Ton Upsetter Press at their Blaenavon site. This upgrade work, initiated in early 2019 at a cost of £1.3m, ensures improved performance and reliability for many years to come.

The Upsetter Press is one of the key pieces of equipment at Forged Solutions Group’s Blaenavon facility, and plays a significant role in the company’s work producing components for the aerospace industry. The press is unique among other presses at Forged Solutions Group, able to form a wide range of complex shapes and preforms.

The upgrade work on the press involved the overhaul of all major components. This included renewal of components where necessary, machining and crack detection, plus the commissioning of a new operating control system. This upgrade will give Forged Solutions Group and its customers improved performance and reliability, along with the ability to track and record data on a part by part basis through the press, improving overall analytical assessment, feedback and product improvement.

As with a recent upgrade to the group’s 5,600T Screw Press, it was necessary to take the Upsetter Press offline for a number of months. Knowing this, Forged Solutions Group worked closely with their customer base to ensure continuity of supply, producing part by part buffer stock prior to the commencement of the project in November 2019.

The Upsetter Press is located at Forged Solutions Group’s 57,000 square metre site in the heart of the Welsh mountains in Blaenavon. A specialist open and closed die forging facility, the upgraded press enhances the group’s ability to produce a range of closed die products to meet its high customer standards and expectations.

Mark Corry, Head of Operations at Forged Solutions Group’s Blaenavon facility, said:

“The 1,600 Ton Upsetter press refurbishment is part of an ongoing year-on-year maintenance and improvement strategy of all the major forging equipment on site. The success of this project takes us one step further forward and guarantees improved reliability and performance, which in turn gives improved confidence to our customer base on the capability of Forged Solutions Group.

Thanks must be given to all the internal and external stakeholders involved who have contributed expertly to the overall success of the project.”

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