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Our Blaenavon site is a 57,000m² specialist forging facility producing a range of open and closed die products.

Located in the heart of the Welsh mountains, our Blaenavon Site is a 57,000 m² forging facility, specialising in multiple titanium, nickel and steel alloys.

Closed Die and Fan Blade Manufacture

This impressive site was repurposed from a Fan Blades Forge to a complex shape closed die facility six years ago. More recently, the site has achieved complicated dimensions from complex alloys with excellent mechanical properties.


  • Near Net Shape Strategy
  • 3kg to 150kg weight range – dimensional complexity dependant
  • Circumferential product up to 1m wide (or dia)
  • Complex product shape up to 1m in length

Open Die Manufacturing – Rings

At Blaenavon we manufacture products weighing 5kg to 3,000kg, demonstrating wide ranging capabilities, from complex contoured casing with complex metallurgical requirements, to plain alloy blanks.

Processing Dimension Capability:

  • Isolated small rings cell (5 – 40Kg) (Cell range – Outer diameter 100 – 550mm and thickness 140mm max.)
  • Medium rings (30Kg – 150Kg) (Cell range – Outer diameter 200 – 1500mm and thickness 500mm max.)
  • Large rings (75Kg – 3,000Kg) (Cell range – Outer diameter 500 – 3000mm and thickness 1500mm max.)


Our Blaenavon site serves advanced heavy industries including Aerospace (engine & airframe), Industrial Gas Turbine, and Petro Chemical, with primary product applications being Fan Blades & Vanes, Compressor Rings & Cases, Combustion Rings & Cases, Turbine Rings & Cases, and Mounts.