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Workers stop for safety and donate to charity!

Workers at three of our Sheffield sites are making a big difference to local charities, whilst keeping themselves and their colleagues safe, through our new ‘STOP for charity’ initiative.

STOP coins are given to staff members when they stop and fix any activity within the business process for a safety or quality related issue. The coins are designed to celebrate this act and to say thank you to the member of staff for showing awareness of health and safety and quality concerns and helping to prevent accidents or noncompliance.

This year, we have decided to make the process a charity event: every STOP coin has a charitable value of £10, and recipients can choose one of three local charities to donate their STOP coin to. At the end of the year, we’ll tally up how many STOP coins have been donated to each and make equivalent monetary donations.

This is happening at our River Don, Meadowhall and Provincial Park sites, and the charities we are supporting are Sheffield Mind, the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity and Burngreave Foodbank. All three make a big difference to our local communities, and never more so than the past year.

Tamas Papp, General Manager at Forged Solutions Group, says,

“Safety is a core value to us; it’s in our DNA. By celebrating every time we stop for safety and fix the issue, however small it is, we encourage a safe and compliant culture for all of the team.

“STOP for charity brings a whole new dimension to this. In one act we are doing something good for the safety of our team, whilst also giving back to local causes that we all care about.”

So far this year, 25 STOP coins have been distributed and added to the charity pots, putting the fundraising total at £250.

Team member, Ricky Frost, says,

“Being able to stop for safety has made our workplace safer and has almost certainly prevented accidents from happening.”

William Braidon, a new starter who was recently issued his first stop coin, adds,

“This is something that I haven’t seen where I have worked before so I am pleased that safety is promoted in this way and that the three selected charities are receiving the benefit.”