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Forged Solutions Group sponsor North Star 2021

Forged Solutions Group are proud sponsors of the North Star 2021 science school, that took place on 24th November 2021 at Gulliver’s Valley Theme park in Rotherham. Approximately 600 students aged 12-16 from the South Yorkshire Region spent the day listening to inspirational speakers, including Professor Brian Cox and Ruth Amos, as well as taking part in hands on workshops throughout the day.

In addition to sponsoring the event, Forged Solutions Group created a workshop investigating the ductility of metals, a key property needed when forging safety critical parts, and the importance of strength to weight ratio in aircraft. The workshop was developed with the Year 10 STEM club from Maltby Academy, with much of the presentation and demonstration on the day being presented by the school, with support from Forged Solutions Technical staff. Across the day, 8 groups comprising approximately 200 students were able to access the workshop.

Adam Kent, Director of Quality for Forged Solutions Group said:

“When agreeing to be a sponsor of North Star 2021 and deciding to run a workshop along with a local school, it was a step into the unknown. Working with the staff and students at Maltby Academy to develop the workshop has proven far easier than initially feared. This is a result of all parties willingly engaging with the process, bringing lots of ideas and suggestions on how best to demonstrate concepts of forging and aero engine performance to a wider audience.

As the ideas had crystallised, it has been good to see how the concepts have been understood by the students who presented these at the North Star 2021 event, benefitting both the students themselves and also the attendees at the event.

As we move to the future, there will be a continued requirement for staff who want to work in what can be seen as a traditional manufacturing business, and by being represented at North Star 2021 we hope that we have been able to improve the understanding of our business and what we are doing to help support the efforts of our customers to minimise impacts to the environment. If our involvement with North Star 2021 sparks the interest of one or more students who attend the event, then it has been a huge success in our eyes.”