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Forging the future: a new vision, mission, and set of values at the Forged Solutions Group

We are extremely proud to share the new vision, mission statement, and set of values at the Forged Solutions Group.

Almost two years ago, we became the Forged Solutions Group – a company operating under new ownership, a new name, and a new brand, but with the same passion, experience, expertise, and heritage built up over 100 years.

Shortly after we unveiled our new identity, a global pandemic hit impacting everyone around the world. Many industries, including aerospace, came to a standstill almost overnight – meaning companies like us, key players in the supply chain, also stopped. Our ‘fresh start’ momentum was stalled, however early in 2021, we took the optimistic view that things would improve, and we wanted the Forged Solutions Group to be in the strongest position to continue support our customers and our employees as things return to normal.

Part of this objective was to define our vision and mission, setting out where we want to be, and how we intend to get there. Our group-wide consultation process enabled us to identify our vision:

At Forged Solutions Group we aspire to be the preferred global partner of choice in the supply of forged products for our customers’ most demanding end applications.

And we defined what it will take and the assets we have to help us get there, and this became our mission statement:

Through understanding, collaboration, creative engineering, and by leveraging our extensive group wide resources, our mission is to offer high integrity technical solutions to the challenges our customers face every day.

‘There is always a solution’

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Arriving at this point has been a careful and well thought out process, in which we have invited the involvement of our entire workforce. It hasn’t simply been about arriving at a set of words and statements that sound good, but rather, it has been a process of asking questions and really listening to what our team and customers have told us.

We wanted to better understand what makes the Forged Solutions Group different, why our employees are proud to work for us, and why our customers trust us. We identified four common themes that underpin our culture, set expectations of how we approach work, and the service we promise to our customers.

These are: quality, integrity, commitment, and collaboration; our company values. More than just words, they translate into real behaviours and attitudes. As our customers and colleagues, you can expect to see and feel these values every time you do business with the Forged Solutions Group.

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We have identified what each value means for our customers and our team, and you can read more about this over on our website: https://www.forgedsolutionsgroup.com/about-us/

We have an exciting future ahead of us at the Forged Solutions Group, and in the industries we are proud to be a part of.